Below are a few comments from our customers:


  •  Scott and his crew took one of our trees today. A large oak in our front yard. My husband was here and he could not be more impressed. He thought they were very professional, efficient, courteous and a great group of guys. So here's a shout out to SDS, thanks! For anyone needing tree removal, these are your guys! 

  •  If you're looking to have tree(s) and/or stumps removed, I highly recommend SDS Tree and Stump Removal in Mechanicville!!! They are a very professional, hard working, great group of guys who come in & get the job done. I had 3 large trees removed & 2 trees trimmed, my yard looks fantastic & the cleanup after all this work was amazing!!!Scott Salmon & his team are the best for the job!! 

  • SDS Tree Service - Scott Salmon, Prop. - Came to our camp today with a crew of 8 and trucks and cranes and a chipper machine.

    They started right in and removed the line trees between the White camp and the neighbor's. By the time we arrived those trees were all down and they were already limbing the large trees around the white camp and behind the garage area.   

    The crew performed like something of a tree cutting ballet - Each guy knew his part and there was never a wasted moment or movement.     

    They were as professional as a team of Doctors performing in an operating theater.  It was apparent that safety came first and the crew looked out for one another - Not a move was made that wasn't checked first - just amazing!  The neighbors and we were astonished at the rate they went at, it was really something to see.   

    They dropped many of the large trees - loading the logs onto trucks chipping the limbs - The crane would hold off a tree top, separating it when it was cut and lowering it down - some of the guys climbed trees using spikes, some used a bucket  truck and one used ropes to lower himself from way up!     

    They went from 7:30AM til after 4 with only about 20 minutes, if that, for a lunch - They even blew off the driveway and roadways of the chips and debris when done - Very impressive is crew of SDS! - Hope they pick up more work! -  they are slated to finish tomorrow, taking down the 2 last big trees behind the white camp and garage and then the two monster trees at the stairway of the main camp and the line trees on the hill.   

    The crew performed so well - it was better than anything I've ever seen - including on Axe men!   

  • "Scott and his crew were great to work with. Scott is professional, reliable and prompt to call back, which is VERY hard to find. They took down a dead tree in the back corner of our city lot quickly and with ease. It was surrounded by something on all sides, two fences, our deck and our neighbors house but none of that was a problem for them. I hope I don't need but call them again but if I do I know I'll be happy with their work."

  • "I can't say enough about the high quality of their work, their professionalism and efficiency. They came on schedule and worked nonstop until the job was completed. They even went the extra mile and cleaned up debris unrelated to the tree. They were outstanding and I would highly recommend them and will definitely use them in the future. They were also reasonably priced."

  • "Scott and his crew have also done a couple of jobs for us at our home, and we could not be happier with the end result. Very nice, professional, thorough, and responsive. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

  • "Scott and his crew have worked at our home a few times now and we would recommend them anyone who may need tree work done at their homes. They are professional and go above and beyond to make you happy with their work. We will use them again if we need more work done in the future." 

  • "Removed three very large maple trees hanging over our house, the road and power lines. Ground down stumps. They provided us with the lowest estimate out of the 3 companies we checked with. Very professional from beginning to end. Quick estimate and they showed up before 8 am the day they were scheduled to do the work to set up. They didn't even stop to take a break until work was completed. They did an excellent job of cleaning up the debris as well. I have to say I was very impressed with the work done for the money. I highly recommend SDS."